Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World: The Great Pyramid Of Egypt

One of the greatest and methodical man made structures ever, The Great Pyramid’s of Egypt are truly a wonder of the ancient, and now modern world. The 450 foot high, 756 foot long on all four sides structure is one of the heaviest of the wonders. Composed of 2,300,000 bricks, each of which is averaging two and a half tons, placed methodically makes up the colossal structure. They are located in Giza, Egypt near the Sphinx. The biggest of the Pyramids is the Khafre Pyramid which was for Pharaoh Khufu’s son.

These pyramids are used as burial chambers for Kings and Queens in the BC era. Not only were these pyramids built to show power of each royal family, but also a way for these families to bury their most prized possessions when they pass.  With gold, money, and other possessions buried, it was understood that grave robbers would take their chances in entering these tombs and raiding them for all their worth. These pyramids have traps and loopholes to confuse grave robbers and trap them in the depths of the chambers.

what confuses many to this day is how such heavy slabs were lifted to create a pyramid without modern day technology or machinery. Thousands of slaves would work around the clock constructing levy systems which manually lifted these massive slabs perfectly into position. Thousands died due to heat, and physical damage on the body.

Even though some of the smaller pyramids have not passed the test of time, the main, giant structures still remain in tact, not as sturdy or beautiful as before, but still impressive.

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