Matthew D. McGrath was born in Rochester, NH. He was raised in Somertworth and graduated High School in 1997.  He then went on to attend the University of New Hampshire and graduated in 2002.

Somersworth, originally called Sligo after Sligo in Ireland, was settled before 1700 as a part of Dover. It was organized in 1729 as the parish of Summersworth, meaning summer town, because during that season the ministers would preach here. It was set off and incorporated in 1754 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth, and until 1849 included Rollinsford.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 10.0 square miles, of which 9.8 sq mi is land and 0.2 sq mi is water, comprising 2.30% of the city. Somersworth is drained by the Salmon Falls River. The highest point in Somersworth is Prospect Hill rising just west of the city center, on which the city reservoir is built. The hill’s elevation is approximately 310 feet above sea level.

Matthew D. McGrath is a big history buff who really enjoys talking about and reading about history. He started loving history when his father used to read him history novels when he was a young child. His fascination with history continued until and even after college. He continues to read history in order to expand his knowledge of how the world used to be.